Energy Prize goes to Vogt-Schild Druck AG

Vogt-Schild Druck AG seizes a new opportunity to save energy, costs and CO2 emissions through a heat production community. The printing house was recently awarded the RegioEnergie Solothurn Energy Prize for its commitment to the protection of the environment.

The use of a drying oven creates a lot of heat during the printing process, which means the whole building can be heated in this way. The idea of putting unused heat at the disposal of a neighbouring company was born ten years ago. By implementing this idea, as in many previous projects, a lot of energy can be saved. The combined heating system alone saves approximately 50'000 litres of heating oil per year. In this project, Vogt-Schild Druck AG and its neighbour share the financial savings and the reduction in energy demand, and both were awarded the Energy Prize of the RegioEnergie Solothurn.

This award for individual initiative and uncomplicated environmental partnership between two companies will certainly be an incentive for further efforts with regard to an environment-friendly consumption of resources.

Each year, the «RegioEnergie Award» distinguishes companies achieving a special contribution to energy efficiency and climate protection. The award aims to raise public awareness and motivate companies to use resources in a sustainable manner.