The following slogan is valid also in the environmental sector: “We check if we do what we promise to do.”

As our client you can be certain that Vogt-Schild Druck does not only meet the public acts but it also runs an active environmental policy. Our environmental manager is always looking for ecological solutions and performances.

It is worthwhile for the environment that we have invested more than a million CHF in a ground water project. The energy savings of about 290,000 kWh per year correspond to an annual consumption of more than 70 single family houses.


Mit dem Projekt «Trevi» haben wir mit mehr als einer Million CHF in ein Grundwasserprojekt investiert. Das Grundwasser wird zur Kühlung unserer Anlagen genutzt und schont mit dem berührungsfreien Austausch der Kälteenergie mit Hilfe eines Plattentauschers die Umwelt. Die Energieeinsparungen von ca. 290'000 kWh pro Jahr entsprechen einem jährlichen Verbrauch von mehr als 70 Einfamilienhäusern.

Heat recovery

We have also strongly invested in the area of the utilization of waste heat. The so-called heatset process in rotary offset printing produces a lot of heat by using a drying oven. This heat is used by Vogt-Schild Druck AG. The whole building can be heated through cleverly devised technique. The residual heat can even be passed on to our neighbor, the Brönnimann Company. Thus, Brönnimann can save 50,000 liters of fuel oil per year. This corresponds to a yearly consumption of about 30 single family houses.