Rotary offset printing

Our ROTOMAN DirectDrive is suitable for various types of printing in the rotary offset. It is highly efficient and reliable and stands out with middle and large circulations in the illustration printing: company brochures, brochures, magazines, catalogues and journals of all kinds. We fold every product from A6 to A3.

Our Production Runs Smoothly

  • Fully automatic rotary logistics system Auroload
  • 5 double printing units for your colour preferences
  • High-speed cameras to monitor the running paper web
  • Drying area 13.8 m with integrated thermal after-burner
  • Integrated remoistening system
  • Paper format: 63×96.5 cm
  • Weight: 30–150 g
  • 65,000 cylinder revolutions or 1,040,000 A4 sheets per hour
  • Paper web speed 11.40 m per second
  • Special folder with special former and cutting unit for 4 and 8 page production
  • Cutting appliance for trimming paper web
  • In-line gluing: 8, 12, 16 pages
  • In-line folding register, colour, register, measuring and control system
  • Soft-proof box with calibrated screen to compare the printing result to the original printing data
  • Highly automated in-line production of placemats
  • In-line package and shrinkage of various products
  • A fully automatic press delivery system is at your disposal for all your distribution channels