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"printed in Switzerland" is the seal of quality and origin for printed matters from Switzerland. The label has been developed by viscom and is available to the graphic industry for free. With this label, customer and producer display their colors to printed matters from Switzerland. The mark of quality "Switzerland" has an unblemished reputation worldwide. That is why "printed in Switzerland" is more than just a label. It stands for premium products, produced at the highest technological level. Moreover, it helps support working places in SMEs and industrial enterprises.

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The responsible persons from Rivella, Coop Presse, Ragusa, Die Mobiliar, Raiffeisen and Victorinox have understood for a long time that the costs of production for printed matters alone are not the main reason that a marketing budget feels too expensive. They know that one should not buy printed matters cheaply but in line with demand. Instead of buying a large print run, produced cheaply, a part of which has to be disposed of after a year because it is no longer up-to-date, the above-mentioned enterprises have chosen to produce small and actual printed matters in shorter periods.

Rivella, Coop Presse, Ragusa, Die Mobiliar, Raiffeisen and Victorinox know that their local or regional printing partner can cover their demand for printing matters at any time. These enterprises also appreciate that Swiss printing houses train young professionals to a large extent and thus make a contribution to the national economy. "printed in Switzerland" has nothing to do with heritage protection. It is much more a fact that responsible, future-oriented and highly-efficient partners can profit from one another.

Join in! No administration and free of charge, it is that simple! Whether Copyshop or Vogt-Schild Druck, the only condition is that it is printed in Switzerland. Attach the label on your printed matters which are printed in Switzerland and declare your support for the production site Switzerland.